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Danelle CLINE

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Danelle Cline currently works on video, image, and acoustic data analysis at MBARI in the Information Engineering Group with a career that has included both instrumentation development and data science. Over the past 20 years at MBARI, she has worked on various projects, ranging from DNA sampling instruments, camera systems, to developing machine learning algorithms and workflows for both real-time, and more recently cloud-based designs to analyze underwater acoustic and image data using machine-learning. Prior to working at MBARI, she worked at NASA Ames Research Center developing instruments and software for atmospheric and space science applications. Her work on image analysis has spanned a range of applications from time-lapse, video to holographic image analysis where she works closely in a peer relationship with MBARI scientists and external scientists in the development. Danelle holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Fresno State University and an MS degree in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz.