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TOPIC 1 - Anthropogenic noise & other environmental sounds

TOPIC 1_Almecija
P 01

SILENCIO PROJECT: Studying the viability of using electric propulsion in small inshore fishing boats to reduce their acoustic impact in the environment

Clara Almécija, Pablo Álvarez, Antonio Cardenal-López, Ignacio González, Enoc Martínez, Joaquín del Río, Cristian Simoes, Soledad Torres-Guijarro, Marta Vazquez and Silvia Torres

PC 02

Modelling the underwater noise of wind farms in the south-east of Gran Canaria

Melania Cubas Armas, Alonso Hernández-Guerra, Eric Delory, David Dellong, José Antonio Díaz

P 03

Overview of noise map validation process

David Dellong, Hélène Pihan-Le Bars, Bazile Kinda, Florent Le Courtois

P 04

SeaDash: a semi-automatic tool for sound event detection and passive acoustic analysis

Thiago S. Gouvêa, Luca Tassara, Lionel Camus, Alex Alcocer, Gustavo B. M. Mello

P 06

Substrate vibro-scape of a high ship traffic density area

Pablo Cervantes, Francisco Javier Rodrigo

P 07

SATURN: Developing Solutions to Underwater Noise

Pauhla McGrane, Gerry Sutton & Amy Dozier on behalf of the SATURN Project Consortium

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Topic 2 - Acoustics for studying marine geophysics

P 10

Hydroacoustic observatory of Mayotte volcano: preliminary results


P 11

A cabled deep-sea acoustic station for long-term geophysics measurements in the Mediterranean Sea

S. Biagi, F. Ameli, C. Caruso, G. Cuttone, C. Distefano, E. Giorgio, F. Italiano, G. Lazzaro, M. Longo,
C.A. Nicolau, A. Orlando, S. Pulvirenti, S. Sciré Scappuzzo

PC 12
P 13

Propagation from the Pacific to the Atlantic of T-phases by a Kermadec Trench earthquake

Tiago C.A. Oliveira, Ying-Tsong Lin, Noriyuki Kushida, Sergio Jesus, Peter Nielsen

P 14

Acoustic measurements applied to geophysical processes during dense water cascading events in the Southern Adriatic basin (Italy)

Francesco Paladini de Mendoza, Katrin Schroeder, Jacopo Chiggiato, Stefano Miserocchi, Leonardo Langone, Patrizia Giordano

Topic 3 - Bioacoustics

P 15

Blue whale acoustic monitoring in the South-West Indian Ocean: an overview from large array of hydrophones

Flore Samaran, Maëlle Torterotot, Julie Béesau, Emmanuelle Leroy, Guilhem Barruol, Sara Bazin, Jean-Yves Royer

PC 17

The effects of continuous noise on visual and acoustic reproductive behaviour of a labrid fish, the corkwing wrasse

Karen Bussmann, Anne-Christine Utne-Palm, Kim Tallaksen Halvorsen, Karen de Jong

P 18

Tracking baleen whales with a single ocean bottom seismometer 

Richard Dréo, Jean-Yves Royer, Flore Samaran, Wayne Crawford, Guilhem Barruol

P 20

The use of autonomous vehicles in the sustainable management of commercial whale watching activity – MARCET Project

Silvana Neves, Ayoze Castro, Eric Delory, Carlos Barrera, Jesús de la Fuente, Manuel Arbelo, Antonio Fernandez

P 23

Detecting Delphinidis and Anthropogenic Noise with Convolutional Neural Networks

Ellen White, Jon Bull, Paul White, Russel Wynn, Denise Rische, Suzanne Beck, Ewan Edwards

P 29

Coupling passive acoustic and oceanographic monitoring to understand the drivers of blue whale distribution in Northern Chilean Patagonia

Buchan Susannah J., Pérez-Santos Iván, Narváez Diego, Castro Leonardo, Stafford Kathleen M., Baumgartner Mark F., Valle-Levinson Arnoldo, Gutiérrez Laura, Rojas Constanza, Neira Sergio

Topic 4 - New discoveries and applications from ocean sound observing

P 24

Incidental noise measurements from acoustic Doppler current profilers reveal the near-bed flow speed of oceanographic turbidity currents

Stephen M. Simmons, Peter J. Talling, Daniel R. Parsons, Charles K. Paull, Niall D. Tracey and The Monterey Coordinated Canyon Experiment (CCE) Team

P 28

New acoustic investigations on volcanic-hydrothermal submarine gas vents 

Gianluca Lazzaro, Manfredi Longo, Cinzia G. Caruso, Sergio S. Scirè Scappuzzo, Francesco Italiano

Topic 5 - Technologies for underwater sound observing, from acoustic data acquisition to products

Topic 6 - Others

PC 26
P 27

Addressing underwater noise in Europe: Current state of knowledge and future priorities

Frank Thomsen, Sonia Mendes, Paula Kellett, Sheila J. J. Heymans